Aug 22, 2007

Crane Beach

The trip to Crane Beach (located near Ipswitch,MA) provided a great weekend getaway this summer (finally!). One itchy thing is parking fee--whooping $22 and parking lot was bad!

But the parking fee compensates for the beautiful beach. Low tide on this long beach with few seaweeds sticking to your feet.
If you want a perect stop---just walk a little further away from the crowd of people sunbathing around the life gaurd's post (some handsome lifegaurds!!!). Poo and me were in the beach for about 2-3hours after home made lunch and then rested awhile on the beach.
Ninny wanted to swim but was frigthen of the waves i think; but she loved coming just where waves ended with help of KC.
But one nasty wave just drenched her and after that she didnt dare come near but sat on chair and drank soad in style ;-)

Check out some photos:

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