Mar 16, 2011

Where do GAP, M&S cloths come from?

Labels are like religion in US (and probably every where else these days).
And just like all other religions, the source is always ignored.

During my shopping trips, I've entered anything marked 'Sale' in Commericals or Jayanagar and picked up 'Export Quality' cloths.
Of course I knew these were rejected exports but export material nevertheless. So it's irresistible not to pick up cute top you couldn't find even in shopper's stop!

I had never given a look at the names, until during recent trip to bangalore, the 'export quality sale' cloths were all in OLD NAVY and GAP hangers.

Recently, reading In Spite the of Gods by Edward Luce (post on this later), finally got to know the source of :

The cloths sold in Marks & Spencers, GAP, Banana Republic, Pierre Cardin and Abbercrombie usually arrive from Gokaldas Express who's small units are spread across Bangalore, India. These are just few of their clients who turn out two million garment pieces every month!


  1. I know...its amazing no? ... all these malls carrying hi-fi designer brands have their clothes manufactured in India or cheap (for them atleast)... my friend once got a skirt from macy's n it was not until she was washing it she saw that it was wud hv costed her half in India :D also b'lore is a gr8 place to get all these label clothes for lesser prices...i once bought a shirt (which had a kohls tag on it) for a dollar (yes 45 rupees) back then i didn't even know what kohls was :D was jus happy to get an export quality cotton-shirt so cheap...

  2. amazing. imagine the profit margins these companies have..guess its time for another boycott!

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