Aug 10, 2009

Toxins overdose

If processed milk can be hazardous, imagine the effect of cosmetic products. Hmm.
Recently, a friend forwarded the link to this website:

The cosmetic database gives a list of all daily products we use along with the 'Hazard' based on toxin level of all ingredients of the product.

The deo, day-moisturizer, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner and even the toothpaste we regularly use have hazard level of 6 or 7 (1 being the least).
And I thought I was protecting myself slapping on some sunscreen!

Browsing through the site on range of products, i've arrived at the conclusion that the amount of products I use to get just the frizz-free hair just might give me some kind of cancer or make me infertile in few years.

Guess it's time to go back to good old shikakai and coconut oil


  1. This is freaking scary. I actually just moved to organic shampoo and conditioner from Trader Joe just coz of all this crap...

  2. OMG that's horrible...And I was thinking using all this ppl can be beautiful n chic, but at the cost of health I don't think they r that necessary, coz I've lived more than half my life without them so i can as well do without now...

  3. @sands: hey, nice choice. I'm trying out few organic stuff too.
    @rads: Right, thankfully we grew up without getting accustom to these products (read toxins!)