Apr 20, 2009

Milk? No Thanks!

It started out discussing this article, where a chef in Swiss planned on improving his menu by serving meals saturated with human breast milk.

Did I hear a Ewwwww.

What’s there, it’s after all milk I said and asked “Well, did you ever wonder if other mammals drink 'milk' from a different species as part of their diet?”

“Or wonder if you will drink 'milk' from any other mammal (of course exception of cow, buffalo, goat) like the elephant, dog or an anteater?”

And one more Ewww......

There you go.
Case closed.

Humans building their civilization realized that produce from a domesticated animal is the easiest source for surviving (not calcium as we console ourselves).
So 'milk' has been embraced by all religious, race and in all geographical locations. Amazing!

Recent studies show that milk (and other diary) products provide us with calcium. Who exactly sponsors these research studies? If you are smart, you would have answered it’s the dairy industry.
Just like the mobile industry invests in studies to root out getting cancer from excessive mobile phone usage.

Other such researches show that drinking too milk does cause Cohn’s disease.

Well, researches aside, how about Mad Cow disease?
The scientists do not know which type of virus it is, but they know it is transferred from meat of other animals.

Yes, it is common knowledge that chicken or cow meat is fed to these cows!

And one more final scary piece: Have you seen 'No artificial hormones added' on the milk carton? Well, farmers inject cows with artificial growth hormones to produce more milk.
It has been suggested that these hormones in milk are causing girls to reach puberty years ahead of time.
Even if researches disagree common sense tells us trying to digest artificial hormones everyday isn’t good for us!

Bottom line: Our food has been played around with way to much and could be the cause of a lot of the problems we now face, ie cancer, autism, etc etc. maybe we should go back to growing our own food.
But that's easier said than done!

Note: To see the list of disease you might get drinking milk/if you are lactose intolerant visit notmilk.com!!!!


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  2. really dint know milk could be so harmful..now where can i get a buffalo in US to get some fresh milk?

  3. hehe..nice catch rads! search is still on....

  4. Fantastic!!! I saw yr name in Radhika's blog and this blog is such a great find! Will read all yr informative posts over the weekend!!