Jun 30, 2009

Twitter URL

Well, there's something to learn everyday.
Posting a tweet today with a long url made by count to -11. So googled for info to get all the contents in a single line, here's what I found:
Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters. If someone mentions a URL in a Twitter message a lot of the available characters are already taken.
Twitteriffic also uses TinyURL. Twitteroo used to generate urltea.com
URLs, but recently it has implemented rurl.org.

According to Google, these are the most popular URL shortening services used on Twitter.com.

TinyURL.com - references
urltea.com - references
snipurl.com - references

rurl.org - references
tweetl.com - references
dwarfurl.com - references

urlx.org - references
kurl.nl - references
tinypic.com - references
shorl.com - references
digbig.com - references
snurl.com - references
shurl.net- references
doiop.com- references
shorttext.com- references
301url.com- references
Happy Tweeting!!!


  1. You should try bit.ly too that's the shortest n fastest so far...

  2. Ah nice one! Thanks for the link :-)