Dec 13, 2010

A year flies by

So, here I am a year older and hating it. Sigh.

This year has been a whirlwind. Here is a summary of events:
Had some wonderful guests over visiting from blore-cousins, sil, nieces
Took a weeklong Disneyworld vacation
Visited Blore for a month in Aug and enjoyed the festivities.
Quit my job-That’s a first!!
Led a bachelorette life and almost enjoyed it
Had too many parties
Started on the new job

Never thought discontinuing writing would affect me(mental state) in a way I never thought it could.

It has been over more than a year since I’ve stopped writing and more than two years since I’ve stopped keeping up the appointment at the gym.

Not sure why.

Blamed my ex-boss, blamed the commute and blaming the rented house we live in. But deep in my heart I know it is me and taking a vacation 8000 miles away (aks visiting home) won’t make a difference.

I’ll try to make an honest attempt to revive this blog. Share experiences, new skills, fresh ideas or bother everyone with my rants! At least, crossing fingers that thought to keep stress at a distance.


  1. we all need a brk from blogging once-in-a-while no matter how guilty we feel about it...n this has been going on with almost all of my blog buddies...i jus returned to blogosphere too..lets see...

  2. thanks rad!! yes, most of blog frds got blog OD and took a break as well. nice to see u back too :)