Dec 17, 2010

The Green Hornet

I love the movie previews.
It makes you feel like a Premier except for lack of Champagne and Movie stars and Red-carpet and paparazzi.

Okay, there is nothing great about watching a movie fortnight a ahead except you watched it even before firstdayfirstshow (FDFS).

But still, kind of feel good when the whole Multiplex is booked just for this single movie screening.
The blond attractive PR scans our passes. She had a couch bag and nine west boots. Wonder how much they pay her to scan passes and watch the movie with us.

Have surrender our cell phones/Ipads/cameras etc at the counter and we get patted down by man who looks like someone from MIB.

The MIB agent even made the lady in front of me to check-in her tablet. I mean iPad..that stupid thing doesn’t even have a camera. Will she sit and blog about the movie inside the theater.

Well, back to subject. Right after five minutes into the movie, I was devastated.

At first I thought I’ve watching Will Ferrell for first few minutes.
Then it hit me that Seth Rogan has lost oodles of weight. Now he looks like Mini-Will

I really thought I’m going to watch Mr.This Year’s Sexist Man Alive after mini-will. Still wishing even after the Asian Guy turns up.

Oh no, the movie which wanted to watch was Green Lantern. Duh.

Which Moron decides to confuse people releasing movies with identical first names (GREEN)at the same time—that too during busiest time of year.

I won’t spoil by going into details of the story. Here are few comments

  •  The movie was pretty funny. But given a choice I would watch Gulliver’s Travels in theater and Green Hornet on DVD.

  • Nothing like Batcar. But liked the Black Beauties used by Hornet-Neat accessories and retro fittings in the car. (means lots of guns, explosives, record-player and even a parachute!)

  • Smoke gun by hero—funny. Gas Mask by villain—funniest!!!

  • The leading lady is actually older than the hero(s).
Cameron Diaz says her age (almost REAL age!) aloud. Kudos to graceful aging. 

  • Finally, this is one the rare movie(book) where the superhero doesn’t have any powers!!!!! He's just a Poor Little Rich Guy.

Note: Heard from colleague who grew up in 50's that in earlier TV series, the Asian guy in The Green Hornet was played by Bruce Lee.


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