Aug 31, 2009

The art of eating american breakfast

Friends and cousins visiting for a month or two love to hate the american breakfast. Here is an exert of an email sent to friend with suggestions:

Hey S,

Glad you are enjoying the stay at furnished apartment. Your breakfast stories are hilariously sadding. Here are few tips from experience:

1. The round bread-like object which you suggested is like a chew toy to your puppy is actually called a 'Bagel'. First toast it and then slap on some cheese before consuming it with coffee. Believe me, you will find it addictive.

2. The one without any holes is the 'english muffin'. Follow the same as above to relish it :)

3. It is not a bland like dosa. It must be a waffle' or 'pancakes' consumed with maple syrup. It becomes very sloppy once you add the maple syrup to it. I would stay away from it unless you are craving sweet in the morning.

4. You think oatmeal is your diabetic grandma's BF back let's just not talk about it.

5. Cereals is not just cornflakes...try the small-round ones called 'Cheerios', the square-ones called 'Shredded wheat' which tastes like cardboard unless it is frosted with lots and lots of sugar!

6. Don't eat doughnuts every morning for BF unless you want to put on tens of pounds in a month like me.

And finally if you are craving for some spicy, hot breakfast, I suggest a Taco Bell :-)



  1. so true. But after 15 years in this country I prefer the american breakfast to the idli dosai mornings :)

  2. hehe...same here :) It took me (read my stomach) quite a while to adjust to hot chutneys in the monings, before it cld I was back to eating cold cereals!

  3. on orkut its tapti and on rediffmail its multapi
    rajesh kumar

  4. for The Hinduism - scientific religion
    rajesh kumar