Oct 16, 2007

Knocked Up!!!!

No, no, no, its not me.

I just finished reading this book called "Knocked Up" by Rebecca Eckler.
Dont ask me how this book landed in my hands (Actually KC had accidently requested the book from library instead of the movie!).
The package looked inviting--pink book with cosmo with a nipple on the stem.

I didnt do complete justice to the book, skipped a few pages and finished it between 10-12pm last night and 11am-2pm in the office (there goes today's work!).
The book is about a newspaper columnist Rebecca who is never a mother material (eats fruits loops, parties and drinks every night) is suddenly pregnant at thirty and deals with personal issues which come along with being pregnant!

P.S : You can also read the latest updates on how she is coping with the kid now here.

You'll like reading it if like seeing reruns of Sex and the City!

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