Oct 13, 2007

The Last of Harry???

Last week I attended a book discussion--'Harry Potter and Deathy Hallows for Adults' in the local library.
We were just 8 of us in the book club, but it was good to discuss the book face-to-face (not complaining of mugglenet!).
Our hosts had also prepared delicious treats too---Cockroach chocolate (chocolate syrup on peanuts and pretzels), cauldron cake (chocolate cake on Oreo cookie with a black twister) , every-flavour-beans and candy canes!!

Unanimous vote: Everybody loves the Weasley twins; humor among dark magic is very welcome i suppose.
Fred's death was too painful.
The Fairy Tale ending was okay.
And is Teddy the next Harry????

However, there is a open question at end of the discussion:
How did the sword of Gryffindor come back into the Sorting Hat when Griphook had taken it away in Gringotts?

Let me know if you know the answer.

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  1. BTW, Nadini answered this for me.
    "JKR said in some chat that since the sword "truly" belongs to Godric Gryffindor, the hat is able to summon the sword from anywhere when someone worthy needs it."