Dec 12, 2007

JackCards won't let you forget someone's birthday!

I read about this paper greeting card website in the Wall Street Journal yesterday (yes, there are articles in this paper other than just stock prices!).

'Jackcards' isn't any e-cards site; the review suggested the site over Hallmark cards (who won't let you personalize their cards!)
Once you register on Jackcards, you can enter 'five' of most important people/events and their addresses to whom you want to send a greeting card the old-style.
Notification emails are sent one month prior (and every week from then) so that you can order a pre-addressed, pre-postage (one less trip to the Post Office!) card where you just need to add a personal note,sign and post it!

I loved the site in the first moment (or in this case the first card I saw!)....the Christmas card says..."Happy Birthday Jesus"!!!

Enjoy browsing the cards!

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