Jan 23, 2008


Recived this puzzle in the email today for the 2nd time in a month with the excel sheet attached! Guessed everyone must have solved the puzzle, so decided to try it out myself.

There is a bus with 7 girls.
Each girl has 7 bags.
In each bag, there are 7 big cats.
Each big cat has 7 little cats.
Each cat has 4 legs.
Question: How many legs are present in bus?

I'm no math whiz, but I think i'm logically sound! However, from past 2 years I'm discovered my new strength--'Googgling'!
Answers to any suject under the sun, any one's home number in US I can search it within few minutes (yahoo answers helps too!). So decided to test my (re)search skills today.

Lo! In less than 2 minutes I found number to open the spreadsheet!
Btw, let me know if you want to know the answer.....

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