Mar 29, 2008

South Beach!

Three months of gym and I've not lost any pounds; except a dress size :-)
So, watching Mr.B (colleague) loose 20 pounds in 12 days inspired me to take up the SBD! Actually, its the last resort to bring drop one more dress size before the west coast tour with my parents next month!!
I've also started thinking (means eating/drinking) healthy from past one year; is it coz I'm getting close to 30? Don't know. Justified that cutting down rice and all carbs from diet for a while, is the right choice since diabetics runs in my family. So, here goes my saga:

Day 1: Haven't shopped particularly for SBD, but have lot of veggies at home.
Breakfast/Snack: Cheese with almonds.
Lunch: Spinach soup with half onion(that's the sambar).
Snack: cucumber pickle
Dinner: Rajma+Black-eyed bean+green bean soup.

Day 2: No cravings yet!
Breakfast : Survived on Tea.
Lunch : Leftover Rajma+Black-eyed bean+split-moong dal soup.
Snack: Peanuts-30.
Dinner: Cabbage+Capsicum+Onion soup (with black pepper)
Ricotta cheese (fat-free) baked with vanilla essence.
Recipe:Pre-heat oven to 450degrees
Mix Ricotta cheese with vanilla essence + soy/almond milk.
Pour it into mini-muffins pan.
Bake for 15 mins! Tastes bit like cheesecake!

Day 3 : Friday--got to avoid Pizza at office lunch!
Breakfast/Snack: Cottage cheese and almonds.
Lunch: Salad (side-ordered with pizza!).
Snack: Ricotta cheesecake (recipe above).
Dinner: Palak with Radish.
Recipe: Boil Spinach, let it cool down (pressure cooker is the best method!)
Meanwhile, cut red/white radish in half-moon size. Stir-Fry it with chili and salt seasoning.
Blend the cooled spinach in a mixer and add it to skillet with fried radish.
This is just like Palak Panner (except, add Radish or Tofu!).

Day 4: Weekend!
Breakfast: Leftover Palak Radish.
Lunch: Lentil Rolls!!!
Recipe: Soak Toor Dal and Channa Dal overnight.
In the morning, blend them with Green chillies, Ginger, Coriander leaves and Salt.
Make small balls and steam them for 15 mins in Pressure Cooker using the Idli stand!!
Very high in proteins and makes me homesick too (this is a traditional Karanataka dish).
Snack: Peanuts+Almonds--guess overindulged!
Dinner: Beans+Radish+Lentil soup (use samabar/rasam powder!)
Dessert: Ricotta cheese with almond milk.

Note to self: Avoid shopping at
Target food aisle on weekends.

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