Jul 12, 2008

Revisting childhood..btw, Fastpass is free!!!

I always knew I would visit Disneyland and meet princess Sleeping Beauty and Ariel ever since I was like six, however i didn't know it would after my twenty-seventh birthday!!

The whole Disneyland experience was like dream-come true expect I liked the Six-flags rides much better :-)

The first stop in the California Disneyland with parents was 'Adventure land' boat ride. Wonderfully created creatures amuse you through their water sprout or the robotic African tribesmen dance around the skulls!! After lot of research (means 'googling') I knew fastpass must be free. So before exploring the 'Tarzan tree house' we got the fast pass (just inset your ticket and a ticket with specified time to enter the fastpass queue) for 'Indian Jones' ride.

Next was watching 'Jack Sparrow' in the Pirates of Caribbean rides :-) Had to explain to dad that this was one of my favorite character for few years now!

I think the Horror house is perfectly made for all ages...the banquets hall with all the dancing ghosts and the monsters mirrors are amazing. I also loved those chairs on which we ride!

Splash Mountain and Indian Jones ride were amazing. Next we passed the 'Sleeping Beauty' castle. I enquired if I could take a picture of any princess inside the caste. However, due to a award ceremony later in the evening....there were no princess inside.

Finally, my mom remembered telling me the story of the puppet during the Pinocchio ride!!

It was funny to see my parents awe at me like I was telling them formulas when I started reciting the names Pluto, Goofy, Uncle Scourge, Ursula,Flounder, King Triton, Bella, Beast, Simba, Zazu, Chip and Dale!! clicking pictures during the Disney Parade!!!
This is definitely the best part of visiting the park---the parade acts like a tranquiler taking you to the magical world!

The worst rides are in Asto and the race track. The cars don't even move more than 10pmh. Mom never bothered to ride any of them!

We managed to cover most of the rides (thanks to the free FastPass) from 9am to 8pm. Unfortunately, the fireworks was cancelled!. More importantly I realized that even when I'm nearing thirty mom made sure I ate and hydrated all along and dad kept an eye on me and made sure I didn't get lost at Disneyland!

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