May 28, 2009

Fish out of water!

That's not the entire summary of vacation back home, but just a queasy feeling.
The trip is based on notion that time stood still since we departed from homeland seeking fortunes aboard [dramatized sentence].
Alas, no such luck.

People, relationships, circumstances keep constantly changing. How naive to think otherwise.

What am i blabbering about, there's one example:
I was invited for a ceremony on second day of vacation. Yearning to meet up with cousins and enjoy a sumptuous meal I arrived early than usual. The initial greetings were exchanged and there was four hours to lunch to go on.
This is where everybody settle into groups to start chatting. Everyone around me started exchanging details about their latest Saree trends, cellphone trends, kids-schools/summer camps, the daily-soaps, the drama in last week's second-cousin's-brother's daughter wedding, the latest restaurant in the city, the latest local movie. Since my knowledge base about these are bare minimum (or zero) it was like watching a mixed-doubles tennis match!

There were few more such similar funny ones: Recovering from jet-lag I wake-up at 10am to find the household empty except for granny. Of course the house is cleaned, food cooked but everyone is off to work. What else do you do except talk with granny, switch channels or shop. Well, that's vacation for you said someone. True.
Then I reflect that I would have to set off to work first thing in the morning even if the family is visiting me for a month!

The only slot available for family get-together is the weekend but of course then I need to scratch out my friends appointments since they are free only on weekends! Here are list of simple things I miss when I visit (trying to re-encat those memorial nostlic moments before I left Bangalore half-a-dozen years ago):
I miss those late-night chats with neighbors/friends (all the people in my block have moved out since they got nice real estate prices for their homes, friends married and off and living at their in-laws/aboard). And these days, who has time to socialize with neighbors!), just playing badminton outside on an early afternoon, evening outings with just to eat bhel-puri, watching an old movie with family/friends/cousins for 100th time!

In spite of all these, just the sheer joy of seeing the family and spending time sitting idly amidst their company is more than enough for the homesick-soul.
The love showered by all of them gets the battery recharged !!!


  1. Gosh you've been away from home for 6 years!!! I'm like 6 months in US now and I'm missing everybody so much already that we're planning to go back soon.

  2. BTW I was in B'lore too, before coming to US

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