Jun 16, 2009

DesiCow and DesiCrunch

The latest practical websites targeted for the 'desi' market:

Its always a pain to book round trip plane tickets.
Need to make phone calls to friends first and ask for travel agent, call dozen of travel agents to get quotes and except for the friends circle there's no way to know if you're getting the same rate as the guy sitting next to you on the plane back home.

DesiCow has come up with a solution to see quotes from multiple travel agents in single site.
Just enter the trip details and wait for travel agents to bid! The only issue is we need to deal with the travel agents directly for payment instead of paying through the website.
However, I did get errors on the page trying the check their 'How much others paid' feature. Hopefully with their growing database and traffic the RC version will be out soon.
And thanks to Nitin, Amit and Sameer for opting out on google ads :)

Few days ago when a school friend who moved to Boston (of course after getting married) wanted to file for H1.
She requested me to give a list of consulting companies in Boston. Ask me for a deal and I'll give it but my knowledge of consulting companies is limited since I never had a need to apply for one.
However, being a good samaritan I emailed a college friend who had recently got her papers stamped, got the required info, reviews and passed it on.

Thanks to Desicrunch, they have a list of companies and reviews written by employees readily available for wanna-be-HIs.
Navigate through the site is pretty straightforward for various services.
The forum is up and running but not packed yet. I hope the administrators can provide some answers. Registrations seems to be a bit slow too.
Desi Wiki (part of desicrunch) has useful collection of tit bits (from what to bring to US to theaters in local cities). Beware, some of the new topics that are written purely out of boredom.(right, anyone visiting the website can edit them).

P.S. Thanks to KC for the links.


  1. DesiCow :D watta name!!! do they (travel agents) chew their way through our wallet :P

  2. I know!! but guess they wanted a name everyone cld rem! actually the aroundtrip prices look pretty good (without taxes!)

  3. Yea funny names :D but that's great info..will check them out n refer to friends trying to apply for H1. Thanks.

  4. good info, esp the crunch one, thnx!

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