Jul 21, 2009


You might have noticed the change in appearance of the blog.
Well, I want to update the header/sidebar with my photographs. So catching up on HTML tutorial which will ‘hopefully’ enhance my knowledge to modify the template.

Ahem..let’s see how far that goes.

Taking about learning…..I guess the only formal training I’ve completed is my engineering (thank the lucky stats?).
All through my early years I’ve been jumping learning one skill or other. Here’s the list:
a)Veena: Few months, got scared I’ll lose my fingers (hey, I was seven!!)
b)Classic dance: 2 years of training and a small performance
c)Sketching: 1 year. Had to stay after school on Saturdays and revisit the school on Sundays for the class (which completely erased the concept any holiday)
d)Athletics/Volleyball: 3years. Crestfallen unable to make it to State level or maybe I was just too lazy to get up early
e)Roller Skating: 2 years, same reason as above!
f)Vedic Astrology: 2years

And now you know why the blog is named ‘mosey mind’!

P.S. If you are reading this post, consider yourself tagged and list your unfinished-schooling.


  1. aaah didn't know you blog as well! Checking out the archives now :)