Aug 3, 2009

Of travelling

I love day-trips. There are no slogging over internet for competitive prices on flight-hotel-car combo, nada of shopping-lists, packing is almost nil and thankfully no delayed flights!

Hey, I love the rush of vegas (who’s going to travel 8-hour flight I can as well go to Europe instead of travelling coast-to-coast) or prospect of miami beach (where you need to fight over square inches of sand to plop on) in precious few summer days.

So of lately, , we have been setting out on weekends for isolated beaches located in nearby local towns. The secluded destinations we make a trip to provide break from television, laptop tranquility we ‘need’ during the weekends.

But of course, there sheltered places are so easy to miss or maybe it’s just me.
As usual I was the navigator glued to the GPS instead of watching out for road signs (stupid GPS is addictive), so I totally missed the sign which actually read ‘Castle Rock’.
Actually come to think about it, I was ogling at the ‘Castle’ –like bungalow build next to this beach and thought it was the name of a house!

Thankfully K has more sign-viewing sense than moi and stopped the car.

As we got down, I debated that there is is no way there’s a beach down that alley and decided not to tug my heavy bag nor the camera. Lo and behold, the pathway actually led to the rocky beach!
After some rock-climbing we reached the top and it was a wonderful sight.

Sigh, no camera :(

I desperately wanted a poto for FB, so climbed down (that’s always a pain-in-the-butt),made it to the car in one-piece and climbled back up.
Lesson of the day: There’s a Kodak moment when you least expect one!

After an hour of sitting idle and clicking pictures we moved on to the next spot in the town. This was a small park stretched for a view of ocean and Marblehead Harbor on either sides.

Choosing ocean view over harbor we settled on the cute isolated beach under the canopy talking about the past, future and munching on Nature Valley bars. It might have been an hour or just few minutes but it sure did quench the summer-day-out thirst.

View from top of the castle rock

It's an adventure getting to the beach navigating through the sharp rocks.


  1. wow! such beautiful pics! even I prefer day trips:)

  2. thanks :) right..just a backpack and we'r all set for the day!