Oct 20, 2007

Thanksgiving the Hallmark way

I'm crazy about reading magiznes more than the novles (or the C++ book which KC reminds me to read everyday!).
This month's Hallmark magazine along with cusines were notes from popular writes thanking the best things happened to them this year.

Things i'm grateful for this year:
  • For a wonderful understading family (parents,siblings,cousins,aunts/uncles and my in-laws), friends and co-workers.
  • Got unconditional love from my little niece and blessed with one more niece.
  • Handled responsiblities the way it should have been.
  • Had a wonderful India trip, all thanks to KC and AK.
  • We celebrated NewYear's eve and Anniversary just the way we liked.

Along with this the five small moments which make me happy everday:

  • E-mails, messages from family and friends (especially on Monday mornings).
  • Cup of strong coffee with good reading material on lazy afternoons.
  • Gentle cool breeze in summer and warm sunshine in fall evening walk during evening walks.
  • Fresh big roll of paper towles!
  • Better not say it aloud.

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