Nov 2, 2007

Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

My usual night time light reading is a magazine---RedBook, USWeekly GoodHouseKeeping, CountryLiving, Cosmopolitan,Star. You name it, it can be found under my nightstand or the place-i-wont-name.

Today, the book was LadiesJournal, picked during my impulsive shopping trip to the DollarTree which is a block away from my office.

The article was interview with Nicole Kidman (I sometimes wonder if the celebrities keep a list of interviews/shows they have gone through in a year!). It wasn't about the movies or about her husband (of course those questions did pop up) but a lot about the bond she shares with her sister.
Having grown up (or rather should say still growing up) with two sisters I was interested in the article.

Its was amazing to read the relationship Nicole shares with her sister. They have been there for each other during time of crisis.
Like any other thing in the world, relationships too need time and energy to make it work.
In simple words she puts--its being there for the other person in hour of need.

But I think it was the lifestyle question which showed a hint of envy; her ideal of ideal life was just like her mother's or sister's who has settled in her life and stays five minutes away from each other.
With all the fame, money, following and with Tom Cruise as an ex-husband
does she wish she was on the other side on the fence?

P.S: Don't we as well (especially on rainy days)? ;-)

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