Nov 3, 2007

Venture with Vampires!

What is it with the dark world? Perhaps the subconscious wants to unravel the mysterious/adventures which the conscious does not permit or possibly my eyes want to ogle at Van or Mick St John.
I think the former is partly true since it’s the characters I like to watch more than actors themselves!

I started to ponder on this subject since Friday, watching Moonlight (Season 1) on CBS (Note: I'm addicted to this latest soap for a month now).
When my brother-in-law questioned why isn't Mick (Alex O'Loughlin,the vampire) dead after he has been shot.

I started blabbering, 'Oh vampires die only when hit with silver bullets or if silver enters their blood stream else said to be immortal, they cant stand sunlight, consume human blood and hate garlic too!'.

Astonished with information I listed the movies I've watched and liked so far:
  • The bits of first movie (btw, i don't remember any names) i watched were a cemetery, long canine teeth, beautiful blond girl and the vampire sinking its teeth into her throat!
  • Few episodes of Buffy, the vampire slayer. But Buffy and her friends had lot in their plate other than vampires.
  • The third is pretty recent(2004)-Van Helsing. This story revols around Van who is on an assignment to kill the Count Dracula in Transylvania. Gadgets used in the movie were amazing and Hugh jackman was a treat to watch.
  • Last month i watched UnderWorld--a world underground where Werewolves and Vampires fight for power. Finally a hybrid is created--Scott Speedman.

All the movies aside. For now, I'm happy watching Mick in Moonlight every Friday at 9pm!

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