Jan 7, 2008

Goose Egg :(

Since I was whining that we haven’t done anything ‘new’ for a long time, I was excited when Mr. G suggested 'Ice Skating' last week.
After a nice late brunch of Dosas, all the three of us—KC, Mr. G and me headed out to the skating rink in the next town.

The parking lot was full but thankfully it was not the case inside. It’s pretty inexpensive sport for a weekend afternoon--$3 for admission (for 2hours) and $3 to rent the skates!
Note: While renting ask for Figure skates if you are beginner—it will help you balance compared to heavy looking skates are used for Hokey(mainly for speed).

Once we stood up with skates secured on our feet, I was amazed how easy it was to walk on the floor with them compared to rooller skates back home!

The moment we stepped into the rink, it was totally a different story. All the 2 years of learning roller skates (yes; I did take lessons when I was around 9!) seemed like waste of time!
The ice was slippery as hell and balancing on the skates was out of question. Well, with help of the rink’s plastic rails I completed a full round (or square in this case) before the buzzer went off for a break.
During the break, the machine was brought which scrapped a layer of ice. This helps to skate on the smooth surface (imagine playing carom after the board is dusted with white powder!).
But a hellish experience if you are beginner!

During round two, KC was still learning to walk on skates with help of rails (ideally, you should do that on your first day!) but I was over-confident (or trying to be adventurous). Remembering the basics I tied to skate---fell down twice. But it didn’t matter since I had three layers of cloths (thanks to this helpful hint from Mr.G).
But the third fall was almost fatal. As I was moving swinging my arms (you have to use the same motion of opposite arms and legs like swimming) and moving forward; I suddenly lost my balance and fell backwards! There was a blackout for a millisecond; next thing I realize I’m not able to stand up.
Finally after a minute (which seemed like ages!) mustered up all the energy and got up; by then my body totally decided against taking a fourth round around the rink.

Slowly walked up to the entrance and sat on the stands for rest of 20 minutes. Cheering is a good sport too!

Its Monday morning—my head still has a bump (the 'goose egg'), I’ve sprained my neck and it hurts when I move my arms. I spent most of the Sunday sleeping!

P.S: Next time I’m invited to ski; I think I’ll be in the audience!

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