Mar 13, 2008


Spent the Saturday evening at Regal watching the latest (?) movie. KC refused to accompany me because he's not a big fan of mammoths. I actually enjoy going to movies alone (why not, anyway you are not allowed to talk to the person next to you!). Only good thing---earned a huge popcorn for the regal points; love the card system!

Okay, coming back:
This is one of those movies whose preview is better than the actual 1.5 hour full-length movie (the other recent one i remember is Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix!).

The entire movie revolves around our hero (Steven Strait) who sets-off from his home in the cold mountains which was recently visited by woolly mammoths to re-claim his beloved (Camilla Belle) from Egypt slavery! Along the way he be-friends the African tribe(s) (after crossing a forest with man-eating ostriches and saving a saber-toothed tiger!) who join him to rescue their family from the slavery too.

You can guess the ending....(Hint: It's a happy one!).
Note:Don't ever think of comparing this to KingKong; the Mammoths, saber-toothed tiger and ostriches just have two screenshots in the movie and there are no Jack Blacks here....
To add to all this, I come home and check out the actors (
)...they are way younger than me! more birthday coming up next week!

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