Mar 17, 2008

New Trend?

This is the third book I've come across the same theme--Girl blogs discretely (personal stuff/about school/about job, to vent her anger); newspaper/magazine editor is a fan;offers job/exposes blogger after rejection/forced to shut blog!

This is like watching the bollywood movies---girl+boy fight-meet;fall in love;parents reject;runaway/marry/die.
The actual plot of the movie is then built around this theme.

All this just flashed after finishing "Consider Lily" by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt. Seriously wanted a chick-lit this weekend to calm me!

Pros: Wow, I never knew Christian girls were so conservative in relationships.Prejudice I suppose. Not much drama when boyfriend and family are involved. Thank god there was no Mills&Boons syndrome (love, fight, like, fight, love,fight, marry!).
Reminding me of grandma a lot at half-time.

Cons: feeble plot; too much gossip material when friends are involved (guess should have seen that coming);
Bottom line: Don't vent your anger in blogoshphere!

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