Apr 1, 2008

Day 5 and 6.

I've always had a soft corner towards Saturday than Sunday, obviously because it was back to school on Monday!!
Back to the topic, completed two more days without rice; remember i'm an South Indian on South Beach diet.

Day 5: Sunday, my day out of the home usual. Visited DressBarn, Marshalls (didnt buy any clothes though) and then the local library to pick few DVD's and books to last a week.
By then I was totally exhausted the rushed to the Panera for a quick bite, which eventually became a long one coz I started reading 'Shalimar the Clown' picked up at the library.
Finally it was grocery shopping time (the acutal reason I ventured out of the house..he he)
Breakfast: Cottage cheese with almonds.
Lunch (at panera): Low-fat Black Bean soup + Orchard Harvest salad.
Dinner: Spinach + Roasted Radish soup! (again, its kind of grown onto me now)
Dessert: Ricotta cheese + milk.

Day 6: Monday
Breakfast/Snack: Cottage cheese + almonds (5)
Lunch: Leftover Spinach + Roasted Radish soup.
Snack: peanuts (15)
Lunch: Broccoli with green Chuntey and cottage cheese.
Dessert: yogurt.
Surprisingly, I didn't even crave carbs while making chapatis for KC this evening!

Good News: I've lost 4 pounds :-)

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