Apr 3, 2008

Day 7 and 8:

Completed 50% of Phase1!! Giddiness affected me on Day7, perhaps it was lack of sleep (slept from 2.30am-8am! and I usually sleep around 8-10hours..he he) or lack of breakfast; but by mid-afternoon i was drowsy too. Headed home early and cooked myself something nice..felt much better.
However, I still have dry eyes from past 3 days; considering if its the pollen allergy affecting my eyes
According to few of my friends and KC, you become 'Americanized' after your 4 years of stay (means you get all sorts of allergies, the immune system is not so good, gotto drink bottled water when you visit India.......). I hope its just an urban legend and 12hrs of sleep on weekend will(might) cure the dry-eye problem.

Anywhoo...read the extracts from the food journal...
Day 7: Tuesday--the weekly meeting was cancelled and it saved me from immersing myself in caffeine!
Breakfast: Surviving on Tea.
Lunch: cooked Black-eye beans + cabbage salad.
Pressure-cooker the black-eyed bean (or any bean of your choice). Let it cool.
Add canola/olive oil to the heated skillet, season with mustard seeds, cumin and green/red chillies.
Add cabbage and fry it until it softens. Add the cooked beans, salt, pepper. Let it simmer on the stove for sometime.
Garnish with coriander leaves before you dig in!

Snack: Peanuts (30)
Dinner: leftover Black-eye beans + cabbage salad + cottage cheese.

Day 8: Wednesday, got up early to cook.
Breakfast: Cottage cheese
Lunch: Lentil (Toor Dal) + Green Beans soup (sambar).
Snack: Peanuts+Almonds.
Dinner: Leftover Beans soup.

Pounds lost: I've lost 5 pounds in 8days!! I know all this might be water weight, but enjoying the momentary happiness for now.

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