Apr 3, 2008

the other social life....

The life at back home was hectic. Apart from attending collage or going to work, it was mandatory to attend all family functions, part take in festivals without whining, errands to run, friends to meet, cousins to catch up with and manage to take some time to yourself. This WAS life and there were no complaints.

Perhaps the one reason I didn't complain of loneliness or boredom when I landed here was subconscious I wanted a break; but didn't realise it will be a long one (like the quote goes---"Be careful what you wish for") .

Life in alien land is quite different. Silent suburb with just television and pc your window to outside world (ofcourse telephone too), new friends who can meet only on weekends (basically, the social life here revolves around weekends) ; but family functions to attend-nil.

I miss all these subtle things :

Having a south Indian meal(on plantain leaf),

the diverse special desserts and the the hot oil baths on early morningduring festivals,

gossiping with cousins during the 5-hour marriage rituals and the 1-hour queue during reception,

trying to guess weird names for nieces and nephews during 'nakamarka' ceremony,

sneaking out for cuppa of coffee during long hours of 'homas'/poojas....the list endless.

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