Apr 6, 2008

East West

I completed reading 'East West' by Salman Rushdie few weeks ago;the book is divided into 3 sections- East (simple language and RKNarayan story-telling style), West ( Yorik is in Shakespearean style) and EastWest (guessed this is Rushdie's style!).

East collection:

Good Advice Is Rarer Than Rubies-This is just a simple story where a guard gives free advice to a woman seeking a visa to England to join her fiance; his advice turns out to be valuable.

The Free Radio:This story is told from an old man's point of view--hard to digest the new culture of birth control, widow marriage. But finally the quest(or wait) to free radio leads a man to stardom!

The Prophet's Hair tells of the theft of the relic of the Prophet ... and events of misfortunes following it!

Yorick-Hamet's tale

At the Auction of the Ruby Slippers-A man's dream and view of society.

Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella of Spain Consummate-Their Relationship depicts Christopher gaining the financial backing for his voyage

East West:
The Harmony of the Spheres follows a friendship through the occult, madness, suicide, and truth - the last being, perhaps, the most difficult.

Chekov and Zulu-Story of two childhood friends who work as Indian diplomats.

The Courter-Follows life of a Indian nanny and her courter in England.

I enjoyed reading Free Radio, Prophet's Hair and the Courter.

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