Sep 3, 2008


Working 10 straight hours is tiring, especially with a boss who is as good as Miranda Precisely!

I never thought I would succumb to work-pressure. I’m sort of person who actually eats six slices of pizza if someone(like kc) compels me to lose those last five pounds! Hmmm.

So, here’s the list of items I’ve been doing (in two free minutes )to avoid boredom and jump right back to work to finish everything by tomorrow’s deadline:

1. Drinking ice-cold water/coffee(your body actually reacts thinking you are trying to kill it)
2. Listing to favorite 90’s songs. The idea here is to fool your mind to think about the carefree life in school/collage.
3. Making plans on going out with colleagues.
4. Log onto orkut/facebook/myspace and check out messages, photos from friends.
5. Vent your anger by writing small snippets!

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