Sep 25, 2008

Flatbread Pizza

Pizza comes in different shapes, sizes to cater different taste buds.However, once you eat the Italian style Berticcus or Americanized deep-dish Uno’s you will never go back to ordering from PizzaHut or Domino’s that’s unless you crave just cheese!
Finding a local Italian resturant is your best bet until we eat the 'real' pizza in Italy.
KC suprised me one evening with take-out from
Flatbread. The pizza was CoEvolution , that's Goat cheese pizza with lots of Kalamata olives, onions, peppers but without the sause. Even after reheat, it tasted awesome. But the olives tasted like they were out of a can…too salty. But the goat cheese was different and tasted good on the flat bread.

This weekend we went in to have the pizza fresh from the oven (yes…literally it’s a fire-wood oven). The place is decorated with country style door (with weathered look). The chairs and tables also give the place a rustic look with the huge oven decked in the corner and looked like it might hold 10 pizzas at a time.
The specialty of the place is all organic vegetables and to pizza dough without gluten, soy or specialize your pizza to avoid any allergies.

We went in around 3.30pm for lunch (that’s our standard weekend lunch-time) and the weird timing proved to our advantage. The cook demonstrated his four year dough flapping tricks in the open kitchen and in less than two minutes the pizza was all set to bake in the clay-oven.
There are stone benches in front of the oven (guess it’s for Wednesday music nights) to sit and watch the pizza being baked.
The 'Bedford Community Pizza' I ordered which was mainly caramelized onions and mushrooms with tomato sauce and spices on a flat pizza was amazingly delicious. You can never have enough of the thin crispy crust and that’s why I finished the whole small pizza in one sitting. :-)

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