Oct 31, 2008

Fun in Museum of science???

It stated out with invitation for our product release part—Museum of Science and Dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

The cheesecake factory sounded good but MOS? What fun will 30-grownups have in a science museum we thought.
Well, as the event approached we brainstormed about what we might do in there. Maybe enjoy a nice experience in IMAX theater or visit the planetarium or get into one of exhibits or applaud for the live shows. Hmm

However, finally the day arrived where we had to carpool (alas, the promised bus service was canalled) and reach the destination before 2pm (half-day of work yippe!). Thanks to Mr.A we drove into city (I still follow the signs and drive. I just depended on my GPS and in Boston that’s not possible since you are usually in and out to tunnels where you lose the signal and thereof lose your way!).

Finally after everyone assembled in the front lobby we were introduced to people from team-bonding company (I didn’t know they have companies which profited from bonding colleagues!).
They divided us into five teams of six people each. Then we were given a sheet of 15questions and map of the Museum marked with question numbers.
The game was to go into each section of the museum and find the answer to the questions in one hour. The answers would give us a encrypt key which would lead to us to our final destination. The team which gets to the place first obliviously wins!

This was not as easy we thought since the questions usually required us to browse through each and every section and sub-section of museum. The questions were like: What slows the light down (Triangular prims-the answer we didn’t get and hence lost), what does red-tailed hawk eat (the ‘birds’ section? What is the model size of train (we had to go ‘models’ section which has info about buiding different kinds of models), etc.

This was really fun running around the museum for treasure hunt than sitting in IMAX! Hmm…team bonding company..nice idea.

At 4.30 we were ready to hit the bar. A short walk from the Museum of Science (thank god the weather was sunny) and we were in Cambridge Galleria mall.

After couple of vodka with cranberry and a shot and guacamole with tacos and avacada rolls we were ready to order! The puttanesca pasta was good and the double-tuxedo cheesecake was to-die for. BTW, cheesecake factory has the hugest portions I have seen. Along with pasta entrée I also got a huge salad (which was a meal by itself!)

Well, after we drove back to office I was sure sober enough to drive home. Thanks to the cheesecake!

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